At Avenue des Chocolats we specialize in European-style chocolate bonbons with silky-smooth, delicately-fragrant ganache centers. Ganache - the classic artisan bonbon center traditionally consisting of an emulsion of chocolate and fresh cream - offers endless flavoring possibilities. It is our goal to explore these one by one in the systematic approach a hypothetical chocolate scientist would use. 

The available flavors vary from one week to the next depending on requests from our customers, the seasons and the inspiration our artisan chocolatier finds near and far, whether in the ingredients found at our local farmers' market or in the work of other chocolatiers and chefs from around the globe. 

Our ganaches may be made with white, milk or dark chocolate. Our signature bonbons are all enrobed in 72% cacao dark chocolate


Now available for order are 8 bonbon flavors from our Collection Printemps-Eté / Spring-Summer Collection 2017 (Scoop: Make sure to check back regularly as we continue to explore new ingredients and release new flavors.)

Le provençal: Milk chocolate ganache with Lavender & Honey - For an instant trip to the fragrant lavender fields in Southern France.

Au citron: White chocolate ganache with Lemon - For a perfect balance of sweet and tart

Le Suédois: Dark chocolate ganache with Basil and Absolut Vodka, decorated with Anise Seeds - Because it doesn't get more Swedish than licorice-tasting candies spiked with Absolut Vodka 

A la Bergamote: Dark chocolate ganache with Bergamot Orange - For the lovers of Earl Grey tea

Le Triple CDark chocolate ganache with Coffee and Espresso, decorated with freshly ground roasted Coffee Beans - Not for the faint-hearted

Le Tiramisu: White chocolate ganache with Coffee and Rum - The famous Italian dessert downsized to bite-friendly sizes

Aux framboises: Dark chocolate ganache with Raspberry preserves and Chambord liqueur - Fruity and tart just right

A la menthe poivrée: Dark chocolate ganache with Peppermint - Simply refreshing